The archaeological excavation report Chang' an Tombs of Han Dynasty is the continuation of LongShou Highland tombs of Han Dynasty at Xi' an. From the late 1980s to now,Xi' an Institute of Archaeology and Preservation of Cultural Properties has excavated more than 2000 tombs nearby the Ancient Chang'an City and it's suburbs to cooperate with the construction of infrastructure,among these 2000 tombs,139 tombs has been screened out in this report which covers the 15 archaeological excavations sites and the ancient period from Western Han Dynasty to the reign of XinMang. Most of these 139 tombs were well preserved with the richness of funerary objects,which all have the distinctive characteristics and representatives.
  These 139 tombs,except for 6 of them located in the southern suburb of Xi' an city (include the Chang' an District) are located in Youj iazhuang village to the east of Chang' an city of Han Dynasty, Zhangjiabu village and Longshouyuan highland to the southeast of the ancient Chang' an city. According to their distance to the eastside of the city wall of Chang' an city of Han Dynasty,the nearest tomb is only 1000 meters and the furthest one is 3000 meters,they are all the suburbs of the ancient city,and the tomb owners should be the inhabitants of the city.
  As the continuation of LongShou Highland tombs of Han Dynasty at Xi' an,the new materials have been selected in this reports mainly cover from the mid-Western Han Dynasty to the reign of XinMang, there are 34 tombs of mid-western Han Dynasty,31 tombs of mid or late Western Han Dynasty,51 tombs of late Western Han Dynasty,23 tombs of the reign of XinMang. The partition criterion of time is based on the coin,the emergence of WuZhu coin means the period of mid Western Han Dynasty,the emergence of XinMang coin and the disappearance WuZhu coin of Eastern Han means the period of XiMang,for there is a short time that WuZhu coin of Western Han Dynasty and XiMang coin have been used in very earlier of the Eastern Han Dynasty before they began to issued WuZhu coin of Eastern Han,some tombs may be divided into the earlier period of Eastern Han Dynasty.
  This report can be divided into three parts. Part. 1 shows the geographical location,historical background,distributing of the tombs,the excavation course,the catalog of collection and adaptation of the materials. Part.2 is a particular illuminating of tombs,chapters by tombs areas (excavation site),sections by tombs,gives all-sided statement to each tomb. Part.3 are some researches on some problems based on the materials of the tombs,such as the researches on the structure of tombs,type of the potteries,type of the mirrors,type of the coins,type of the parts of chariot and harness,type of the buried jade,the decoration of the potteries,the technics of the manufacturing,the period and the age of the tombs,and give the statistics information of other tombs of Western Han Dynasty or the reign of XinMang in the chosen excavation site which have not been introduced in the text of excavation report. In the appendix,we use the scientific and technological method to analyze the glazed potteries and the bronzes,and get the great achievement in the regulation of glaze color turning and manufacture techniques of bronzes.